Een onderzoek naar taal in expressieve typografie. Oana Clitan haalt kitschy beelden uit hun context voor een nieuwe blik op de hedendaagse beeldcultuur. Haar expositie is heel de maand februari te zien bij Stroop. Op zondag 5 februari om 15:00u wordt deze feestelijk geopend. 

Kitsch Speech by Oana Clitan

Kitsch Speech is a visual research into the literal combination of typography and images, specifically kitsch images, and the deconstruction of language that comes with it. The focus on political speeches is related to Clement Greenberg's text 'Avant-Garde and Kitsch' (1939), where he explains that dictatorial regimes use kitsch in their communication with the people as it is much easier for them to understand than avant-garde. The resulting work is a flag illustrating a fragment of Obama's inauguration speech from 2009. Inside the flag, each word is made out of (or illustrated) through kitsch or cliché elements, underlining the rhetorical strategies and the interpretability of the words used in the speech.

The official opening is on February 5th, 15:00 - 18:00.

Oana Clitan is a conceptual designer tackling themes like kitsch and language through collages, drawings and other various mediums.

Her main focus is the way language is used in particular contexts and how it can be interpreted, and she research this through expressive typography or the combination of letters and images. In her work she uses mostly kitsch and pop imagery and recontextualise them in order to offer a new perspective on contemporary visual culture.


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